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The Stele of Thothmes IV (the history of the term "Harmakhis"):

This web site contains interesting photos of Mars. There are 70 pages of thumbnails below. Click on each link then click on the thumbnail to see the full photo. 

Thumbnail collection here (over 1,000 images):

600+ New photo thumbnails here (posted 31st October 2002):

140+ Thumbnails of fluid signs:

A possible History of Mars

These papers contain a theory of the history of Mars. This includes the formation of many unusual features such as Valles Marineris, Tharsis, the Northern Lowlands, and Meridiani Planum.

Read the first paper here:

This is a subset of the first paper, with more detail in the movement from Pole 2 to Pole 3:

March 25 2007: The origins of Valles Marineris:

April 6th 2007: Origins  of Solis Planum:

Illustrations 1:

Illustrations 2:

April 24th 2007: A theory for terraforming Mars:


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More Image collections below

(click on the thumbnail images for larger images)

Link to dunes :

Link to crater edges:

Link to mounds:

Link to layers:

Link to polygons:

Link to pits:

Link to texture:

Link to fluid:



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